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Model Trends To Try At Home

Extreme Shadow Apply color from the lash lines all the way down up to the brows, earth toned shadows work best. Smudge shades all around the eyes and define them with black liner. Try Revlon Luxurious Color Perle Eye Shadow in Black Galaxy ($5 at drugstores) and Revlon ColorStay Liquid liner in Blackest Black ($7.50 at drugstores). Also, try these earthy eye shadows: MAC Pro Sculpting Powder Pro Palette in Bone Beige and Shadowy ($16 each, 800-387-6707) Shamelessly Big Curls [...]

Every Day Healthy Rules for Every Woman

(An easy list to live by) Courtesy of Glamour Magazine Here some simple rules to live by every day; simple things that will make a difference and keep you healthy. Eat Breakfast (Whether you are Hungry or Not) Women who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight, a major 2008 study found, and newer research even linked this A.M. habit to less painful periods and fewer PMS symptoms. What is more, it’s often your best chance to pack in [...]

8 Glam Ideas For Your Hair

1. Go All Wavy Who says a bob has to be sleek? Wind hair around a curling iron like Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic 1” Styling Iron ($14.99, Walgreens); alternate directions then break apart curls. Scrunch It First, try: L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Unkempt Out of Bed, $5 at drugstores. 2. Try Some Color A fast way to create an un-boring bun: Smooth your hair back into an off-center chignon; then stack colored pins just above the top. Try DCNL Metallic [...]