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Skin FAQs

Q: Do I really need to invest in an eye cream? Or can I just use my regular face cream around my eyes? A: Eye cream is a vital part of every skin care regimen for many reasons. The eye area is the first spot on the face to show aging. Normal skin is around two millimeters thick, but eyelid skin is only 0.5 millimeters thick. So eye creams, which tend to be more emollient than most face creams, will [...]

How to conceal anything

The secret formulas from makeup artist and beauty staff. Tip: “The first time I use this I got one of those great ‘You look super well-rested’ compliments – that alone was enough to make me loyal.” Olivia Villanti Associate Online Fashion Editor Product: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat – $40 Tip: “Bye Bye Under Eye on the sides of my nose and on my chin completely takes away the red. And for breakouts, Fresh Umbrian Clay is amazing.” Andrea Linett [...]

The Fastest Way to Healthy Hair

It all starts with the underrated art of the hair wash. Duh, we know, but the right ritual really can transform your look. FIRST SHAMPOO Detangle: Brush your hair before you wash. Bonus: You’ll avoid hair balls in the drain. Use less than you think. That’s a quarter-size blob of shampoo (double for long hair) Work it in. Use the pads of your fingers (not your nails) to knead the scalp. Skip the ends, which can get dried out. THEN [...]

Your Perfect Summer Glow

There are two ways to go with DIY tans, each with distinct advantages. We’re here to make the whole decision process easier. You’re a self-tanner person if you: – Want the color to last longer. Some of our favorite formulas will keep you covered for five days. -Wear lots of white; self-tanner is more transfer-resistant than bronzer. -Are doing your entire body – if you are going to all that trouble, it’s really not that much more effort. -Think there’s [...]

Bigger, Better Lashes

Ask any makeup artist, model, or oft-photographed celebrity what she won’t leave the house without and the answer is almost always mascara. Somehow, the simple act of defining the tiny hairs around your eyes is look-a-hundred-times-better-in-an-instant transformative. And what’s available now is just… much more impressive than what was on offer last year. Here, the best of the new: Almay Intense I-Color Mascara – $7 – drugstores This comes in four super-pigmented shades for serious definition. Avon Supercurlacious Mascara – [...]