Beauty Questions, Answered – April 2017

Q: I love long nails, but they always break. Can you help?

The trend has been spotted on Blake Lively, and guess what? Blake’s are fakes! Her manicurist Elle confessed. Prefer going natural? Use Barielle Growth Activator for Natural Nails ($16) your nails grow like weeds. Got flimsy ones? Try a fortifier like Sally Hansen Continuous Treament.

Q: I look washed out when I wear nude lipstick. Got any tricks?

Flat nudes can make anyone look ghostly. To give lips dimension, pick a creamy nude lipstick that’s no more than one shade lighter than your natural lip color; apply a thin layer to your lips, then do shimmery gloss all over, says makeup artist Jenny Smith.

Q: How do you get the sleekness of a blow-dry with some waves, too?

Use this body-building technique from hairstylist Doug DiCanio at NYC’s Blow salon: Blow-dry hair upside down till mostly dry. Next, flip back up, place three inch sections of hair over a round brush (don’t wind it!), turn the brush vertically, and pull it through as you hit it with the hot air. Blast the section on cool and scrunch in hairspray to lock in smoothness.

Beauty Tips

Slap on some yogurt. Aesthetician Ole Henriksen uses plain Greek yogurt as a mask. It contains lactic acid, which softens and hydrates skin. Just smear it on, let it dry and rinse.

Double-coat lashes. Sweep mascara up from underneath, then close your eye and brush down over the top; let them dry and repeat. You’ll get the look of falsies!

Put makeup brushes in the dishwasher. I put mine in the silverware tray of my dishwasher whenever I am running a light cycle, and stand them in a glass to dry after.

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