Beauty Questions, Answered – May 2017

Beauty Questions, Answered

Q: When I wear my hair up, it looks too flat. How can I get some volume?

Sleek up dos can sometimes look geeky! Here’s what hair pro Renato Campora says to do: Clip the top section of your hair out of the way. Make a low bun with the rest of your hair; pin. Next, tease the top, then gently smooth it back and wrap and pin it around the bun. Finally; loosen some hair in front. It’s face-flattering!

Q: My cheeks are always red – like I over did the blush. How can I calm my skin?

That permanent-blush might be caused by rosacea. Dust on a greenish face powder pre-foundation to neutralize redness. Dermatologists also suggest an antihistamine to cut inflammation. For pimple-like bumps, docs can prescribe Oracea, too – truly a miracle antibiotic.

Q: I’m finally going on vacation. Got any tips for packing cosmetics?

When I fly, I bring makeup that works as eyes shadow, blush and lipstick, like NARS The Multiple ($38), and hit the drugstore for mini products. For carry-ons, powders and pencils get through security fine, but liquids and gels need to be 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less and fit in a clear one-quart zip-top bag. Checking luggage? Don’t waste space: Tuck bottles of hair and body stuff (taped shut) inside your shoes.

Beauty Tips

Stick two flowers in your hair. Women in Thailand put blossoms on both sides of ponytail – it’s pretty from all angles

Refrigerate your eye cream. It feels great and zaps under –eye puff. I keep my body lotion in there all summer, too.

Wear colored bottom liner. Streak black eyeliner on top and a colored one (try violet or teal) underneath.

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