Do you know your skin type? Identify it here:

You have Normal Skin if you have.
o An even complexion
o Pores that are normal size
o Skin with very few lines and wrinkles
Your goal is to: Maintain and protect.

You have Oily Skin if you have.
o An all-over shine
o Pores that are open
o Blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes
o A sallow appearance
o Few lines and wrinkles
Your goal is to: Minimize shine and make the pores less visible.

You have Combination Skin if you have.
o An oily T-zone
o Optimal to dry skin on cheeks
o Breakouts on the chin
o Enlarged pores on the chin
Your goal is to: Control oil, normalize the skin, and protect.

You have Dry Skin if you have.
o Fine, almost invisible pores
o Skin that looks and feels dry, tight, or parched
o A ruddy appearance
o Cheeks that are flaky and dry
o Visible lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
Your goal is to: Hydrate, treat, nourish, and protect.

Beauty Secret & Tip:

“Whenever I break out, I put some Visine on a spoon, pop it in the freezer for a bit, and then place it on the pimple; it eliminates redness and reduces swelling like magic!”
– Maureen Kelly

“Wear pinks! Sheer pink eye shadows, soft pink blushes and pink lipsticks instantaneously make you look brighter, more radiant, and extraordinarily youthful.”
– Laura Geller

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