Double Agent Quick Fixes

o  Toilet paper instead of blotting paper

o  A knife instead of a mirror to check your lipstick

o  Nail polish to prevent a run from spreading in your stockings

o  Toothbrush as an eyebrow groomer

o  Hair conditioner as shaving cream

o  Matchbook cover as a nail file

o  Brow tint to cover gray hair or as a root touch-up in between a visit to the colorist

o  Pressed or loose powder on roots of hair to absorb grease

o  Hand lotion to fight the frizzies

o  Cold tea bags to depuff eyes

o  Olive oil on patches of ultra-dry skin

And some words of wisdom…

“The best quick fix in the world is a new tube of lipstick. Unlike fashion, you don’t have to worry about it fitting you. A new color of lipstick will instantaneously change your look and lift your spirits.”
- Laura Geller

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