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Perfectly groomed eyebrows, just like manicured nails, can make a huge difference in presenting yourself as sophisticated, distinguished, and on top of your beauty game. A great pair of eyebrows can even have transformative powers. People will think you look beautiful without knowing exactly why. On the flip side, neglected brows can do major damage to your look. Brows are an essential part of every trend. When your brows are left un-groomed, it can make your whole appearance look passé. And in beauty, as in fashion, being passé is a serious crime.

BROW KNOW-HOW; what is the difference between…

Brow Wax
Usually clear, brow wax can be used over the natural brow or even pencil or shadow to hold brow hairs in place. Brow wax gives a very natural look. Always use an angled brow brush to apply.

Brow Gel
Brow gel can be colored or clear. Brow gel is applied with a spooly brush, just like mascara. Brow gel gives definition to brow hairs by helping them stand up and holding them in place.

Brow Pencil
Brow pencils give precise definition to eyebrows. Pencils are great for achieving subtle, hair-like strokes. Always make sure to sharpen them before use.

Brow Powder
Powder has more pigmentation than pencils, so when you want a more dramatic look, powder is the way to go. Use it wet for a maximum intensity. You can mix and match different shades to create the best color for you. An angled brush is a must when using powder.

How to get the look?

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