Eyeliner; master the technique of a perfect line

Aim to apply your eyeliner at the root of the eyelash. The goal is to get the line so close to the lash line that it looks more like a backing to your lash. When you see even a little bit of skin between the line and your lash line, it’s obvious. For an almost invisible line, sharpen your pencil until the point is super thin and resting the point on the base of the lash so you are actually touching where the lash grows. With very gentle, short strokes, create a line on your upper lashes.

Hues for you

Dior global makeup advisor Shane Paish chooses his favorite smoky eye shades:

  • BLUE EYES: Slate grays and purple-based browns.
  • BROWN EYES: Chestnuts, burgundies, warm beiges, and taupes.
  • GREEN EYES: Colors with a warm orange base tone.

Beauty Tips:

“Apply your makeup standing up! When you are standing, as opposed to sitting at a makeup mirror hunched over a cup of coffee, you will be more serious and you will apply like a pro.”
- Jean Ford

“I have brown eyes and whenever I wear green shadow, people stop and ask me if I’ve been on vacation. It makes the eyes pop and gives an all-over glow to the complexion.”
- Hana Zalzal

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