Everything You Need to Know About Red Lipstick

Red between the lines

Red is sexy and sophisticated – it is extremely feminine and a true classic. The best part is that anyone can wear it. It’s just about finding the texture that works for you. Here the four faces of red:

GLOSS: For just a hint of red and a whole lot of shine, go for gloss. This formula can be used whenever, wherever.

STAIN: The most natural-looking of the bunch. Use your fingers to blend in the stain and you’ll get a young, fresh, I just ate a popsicle look.

SHEER: Great for when you want more than a stain, but aren’t ready for full on fire engine red. This formula also allows you to build until you reach your desired intensity.

MATTE: The most dramatic red you can get! Save this formula for black tie affairs and evenings when you want your look to be special.

Red Lips FAQs

Q: I am all set to wear my red lipstick, but what do I do with the rest of my makeup?

A: Red lips should be the only feature on your face making a statement. Leave everything else light and simple. It’s very chic to pair a red lip with a well-groomed eyebrows, black mascara, and chocolate brown eyeliner. But keep if from looking too dragon lady, use a pink blush on the cheeks – it is sophisticated and still has a freshness to it.

Q: What are the biggest mistakes when it comes to wearing red lipstick?

A: Never apply red lipstick to chapped lips! If your lips are dry, exfoliate them by rubbing gently with a toothbrush and applying a lip balm before the red lipstick. Another thing that ruins your credibility with red lipstick is bleeding. Before application, trace all the way around the lips with a neutral lip liner – it acts like a fence for lipstick.

Q: How do I keep my red lipstick from transferring onto everything I kiss, drink, or eat?

A: Blotting is key. After you’ve applied your lipstick, kiss a tissue or back of your hand a couple of time until no trace of lipstick is left behind. Or if you know you are going to be doing a lot of air-kissing that night, use a red gel-based stain on lops, as opposed to a gloss or lipstick.

Beauty Secret

Always apply a red stain to the lips before red lipstick. When the color from the lipstick begins to fade, you’ll still have a red flush on the lips.

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