How To Do The Perfect Blowout

Yes, you can get that impossibly shiny pro look with your own two hands (no need to grow a third). The how-to:

No 1 – Start in the Shower

Women often forget to pick shampoo and conditioner for their hair type. If your hair is fine, use lightweight products that won’t zap volume. If yours is thick or curly, try a heavier conditioner for smooth results.

No 2 – Be Sure to Pre-dry

Don’t use a round brush on drenched hair – it will take forever and you’ll risk breakage. Instead, press (don’t rub) hair with a towel, then scrunch it with paper towels (use recycled ones to be green) to squeeze out excess water and decrease frizz. Follow with a bit of smoothing serum for gloss and heat protection. Next, blow-dry on low heat and blast hair while finger combing until you are three quarters dry. It takes longer, but you’ll get more body and less damage if you save high heat for the end.

No 3 – Divide and Conquer

Separate hair into two-inch sections with clips. Starting in the front, pull out a clip, wrap that chunk of hair tightly around a round brush and pull down while pointing the dryer (now on hot) at your hair. Use a nozzle attachment and maintain the tension in your brush as you go. To crease sexy lift, bring the hair at the crown forward and roll the brush away from your face. Before you release, let hair cool around the brush to set. And to keep your hair fresh for days, beat the greasies with dry shampoo. Try Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo [$5, at drugstores].


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