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Good News! You can Flatten Your Belly Fast

A little pooch is normal. Still, no woman likes to feel bloated – and you don’t have to! Make these easy tweaks and reveal your body’s sexiest tummy (in days not weeks). A flatter belly: It’s the body change readers tell us they want most. To that we must first say that every woman is not meant to sport a six-pack or have an ultra-flat stomach; if you’re not a marathoner, a personal trainer or Kelly Ripa, chances are you’ve [...]

Your Skin, All Figured Out

Should you pop? Scrub? Inject? You are always hearing different answers to these tough questions, so we got experts to go head-to-head on your six most confusing skin issues – and the best advice won! Of course you’ve heard of team Conan versus Team Leno, and Wall Street versus Main Street, but what about Team Pop a Pimple versus Team Let It Be? Or shaving cream versus good old-fashioned soap? Hey, in beauty land, those are legit conflicts too! So [...]

Beauty Questions, Answered – April 2017

Q: I love long nails, but they always break. Can you help? The trend has been spotted on Blake Lively, and guess what? Blake’s are fakes! Her manicurist Elle confessed. Prefer going natural? Use Barielle Growth Activator for Natural Nails ($16) your nails grow like weeds. Got flimsy ones? Try a fortifier like Sally Hansen Continuous Treament. Q: I look washed out when I wear nude lipstick. Got any tricks? Flat nudes can make anyone look ghostly. To give lips [...]

Beauty Questions, Answered – May 2017

Beauty Questions, Answered Q: When I wear my hair up, it looks too flat. How can I get some volume? Sleek up dos can sometimes look geeky! Here’s what hair pro Renato Campora says to do: Clip the top section of your hair out of the way. Make a low bun with the rest of your hair; pin. Next, tease the top, then gently smooth it back and wrap and pin it around the bun. Finally; loosen some hair in [...]

5 CELEB BEAUTY TRENDS (That Work in Real Life!)

How to pull off the cool looks you see on the red carpet and runaways – without employing a full-time glam squad. 1. Brights With Brights Choose a bright piece of clothing or accessory, then “stick to one feature on your face – eyes or lips”, says NYC makeup artist Tina Turnbow. We love pairing a look-at-me pink lip with yellow, electric blue or, yes, red. 2. A High Topknot It’s ballerina look without the tutu! Balance this femme style [...]