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Try the Bedhead Updo

It is possible this is the easiest hairstyle ever; all you have to do is wakeup and follow these tips: First: Come as you are Got natural waves or curls? Keep them! Use your fingers to work out tangles, lightly tease your crown with a comb and then let your texture take over. Got straight hair? Spritz on a wave enhancing spray and scrunch before teasing. Second: Twist up the back Gather hair at your nape, and then loosely twist [...]

Beauty Questions, Answered – September 2010

Q: My natural summer highlights are so pretty. How can I keep them longer? Mother Nature is the world’s best hair colorist, right? To stay bright all fall, her stand-in here on earth, New York City – based hair guru Sharon Dorram, suggests touching up the top and front sections of your hair, where the sun hits. “Go a bit brighter there, lacing highlights along your hairline and part,” she says. But don’t overdo it: Hang on to some of [...]

How To Do The Perfect Blowout

Yes, you can get that impossibly shiny pro look with your own two hands (no need to grow a third). The how-to: No 1 – Start in the Shower Women often forget to pick shampoo and conditioner for their hair type. If your hair is fine, use lightweight products that won’t zap volume. If yours is thick or curly, try a heavier conditioner for smooth results. No 2 – Be Sure to Pre-dry Don’t use a round brush on drenched [...]

The New Sexy Hair: It’s Huge!

Firs The Prep Volume in both directions makes you look like a lollipop. So choose one or the other: wide or high. Here is a hint: Wide looks best if your face is long. Pick high if yours is more round. Either way, work mousse into damp hair and blow-dry upside down. Got slippery hair? A shot of dry shampoo gives grip. Go Wide Make spirals all over with a curling iron, working from the bottom layer up. Then finger-comb [...]

8 New Things to Do With Your Hair

Loosen Your Bump Tease the front spritz with hair spray; then push it back. Let it sit pretty, minus pings. Flip It Out Turn up ends with a round brush while blow-drying. Do An Audrey Hepburn Remix Thick, eye-brow-gazing bangs, give the classy high bun an edgy update. Pouf It Up Do major teasing on top, but keep sides tight the contrast adds even more drama. Try Swooshy Bangs Make a deep side part; then swoop long layered fringe over [...]