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Beauty Questions, Answered – July 2017

Q: Any trick for pulling off the metallic-polish trend? Finger-bling is totally in now, says Angi Wingle, a CND manicurist. For a matchy finish, use a shade that almost blends in with your coloring – silver if you are fair, gold if you are medium or olive toned, copper if you are dark. It looked amazing on the Chanel couture runway. Or clash! It’s cool to wear the ‘wrong’ hue too. ———————————————————————————————————————————————– Q: I always get giant knots in my [...]

Summer’s $25 and Under Beauty Guide

Affordable hairs, makeup, help out items for this hot summer. Get ready to save some money! $25 and Under Skin Miracle The ultra-lightweight moisturizer, Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum is a distillation from the original formula that won’t make you break out or leave you too shiny, the key ingredients, peptides and vitamins, are incredibly potent, it firms brighten and smooth lines under makeup or sunscreen. Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum, $25, drugstores Cleansing Bars The most gorgeous, super moisturizing [...]

Trend we love! Shimmery Eye + Shiny Hair

Frosty pale shadow or liner is a fresh ethereal way to telegraph “instantly festive” without having to resort to serious makeup application. In place of harder-to-wear pure whites or anything with the word “glitter” in its name, these subtle, apple blossom pinks are much more skin-flattering. Smudge all the way around your eyes; since the color is so soft, there’s no overdoing it. Sleek, stick-straight hair looks amazing with it: Spritz heat protecting spray onto damp hair, blow dry until [...]

How to Do a Messy Up-Do (But Not Look Messy!)

Every glam woman needs to know this trick – the chicest ponytail alternative going. Step No. 1 Gather hair into a low ponytails, slightly off to one side. (Skip the elastic band.) Step No. 2 Twist and twirl your hair around a couple of fingers to create a bun; secure with a few bobby pins. Slide the pins in flush against your head, and don’t pry them open first – they’ll stay tighter that way. Step No. 3 Use your [...]

The Hair Guide

Get the best hair ever with more miracle-working tips and techniques than you’ll even know what to do with. WEIRDEST MOST EFFECTIVE WAVY-HAIR TRICK TO DATE! Spritz styling spray onto almost-dry hair, generously focusing on roots. Clamp a wide butterfly clip close to your scalp (it should be horizontal); clamp another one about three inches down the hair shaft; and so on, all the way around your head (think of the clips as makeshift hot rollers). Blast hair with a [...]