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The Fastest Way to Healthy Hair

It all starts with the underrated art of the hair wash. Duh, we know, but the right ritual really can transform your look. FIRST SHAMPOO Detangle: Brush your hair before you wash. Bonus: You’ll avoid hair balls in the drain. Use less than you think. That’s a quarter-size blob of shampoo (double for long hair) Work it in. Use the pads of your fingers (not your nails) to knead the scalp. Skip the ends, which can get dried out. THEN [...]

Sexy Hair (in 60 seconds)

Need to look extra hot tonight? Well, spend all the time you want picking out an outfit because with these 10 ideas your hair is done! 1. Try a Ballerina Bun Classically prim ones ruled the runaways, but Gwen Stefani’s messy bun is rock-star cool – go with what feels right for you! To do it fast, tease hair on top, then smooth it all back into a ponytail; secure with an elastic band. Twist and wind hair around, pinning [...]

Two Minutes to Pretty Hair

If you have time to brush your teeth, you can do this little stylist trick. (Good on any hair: Short, long, curly, straight – whatever!) Just twist and pin up one side. “It’s hot now!” says Nicholas Penna Jr., owner of Salon Capri in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts. His tips: 1. Prep the front. With dry hair, make a side part and work a little texturizer like L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Unkempt Out of Bed Texturizer ($5) into the front section [...]


Oops, you did it again. The dollop of pomade was way too generous. Will you even learn? Now you have a few options. Option one: Tell people you are trying to revive the grunge look and leave your hair stringy and matter to you scalp. Option two: Re-shower and be one hour late to your meeting. Option three: Fix it with one of the trick you’ll learn in this chapter. If you’ve ever ruined what was becoming a flawless makeup [...]

The trick to perfectly imperfect straight hair!

Beauty Quickie: Perfect, imperfect straight hair Lucky Magazine editorial assistant Jenna Gottlieb has managed and enviable, silky, shine-intensive look that balances gorgeously between done and undone. Here, her five steps to not-quite-perfection. 1. Conditioning Prep While my ends are still damp, I spritz this on to avoid frizz and add general sheen. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioning Spray – $6 2. Quasi-Blow-Dry I dry only my roots and some shorter/face-framing pieces. I let the rest of my hair [...]