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The MiniSkirt Workout

Shorts have never been shorter. Minis are mini-er. With all the showing, this one-month workout from celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy will shape you up from hip to toe. Hips and thighs can be stubborn area to tone, but these moves really target them. Plus, they get your heart rate up, so you burn more calories than you do with traditional strength exercises. Follow this circuit in order once; then do the whole set a second time. Try this workout three [...]

My Maintenance: A top nutritionist’s (eco) beauty essentials

A three year odyssey backpacking around the world (the trip included several shamans, not to mention seven months of living out of her car in Africa) gave New York/L.A. – based nutritionist and yoga instructor Kimberly Snyder a fresh perspective on health and beauty. “These women would look so amazing – and everything they used was natural, and it changed my philosophy”. Here, Snyder’s personal all-natural must haves: Hair Smoother: SHAMPOO – “My all time favorite, 100 percent plant based [...]

Sun Smarts

Photo-aging, the technical term used to describe sun damage, can take years to show up on our skin. But every time you expose yourself to the sun sans protection, the skin loses the ability to repair itself, collagen and elastin become damaged, and that damage accumulates. Skin becomes saggy, wrinkled, and leathery, and fails to spring back. And forget about throwing pricey skin care at the problem. “I’ve seen so many women try to undo the damage with expensive skin [...]

Sleeping Beauty

Anyone who has ever taken the red-eye knows how important a good night’s sleep is to feeling beautiful. Cellular repair takes places while we sleep, resulting in smoother; more radiant skin. When we are sleep-deprived, our skin takes on a pasty, puffy and more wrinkled appearance. During a good night of sleep (eight hours is ideal), the cells in your body do many amazing things, such as secrete growth hormone, which helps repair and rebuild muscle and bone and increase [...]

Good News! You can Flatten Your Belly Fast

A little pooch is normal. Still, no woman likes to feel bloated – and you don’t have to! Make these easy tweaks and reveal your body’s sexiest tummy (in days not weeks). A flatter belly: It’s the body change readers tell us they want most. To that we must first say that every woman is not meant to sport a six-pack or have an ultra-flat stomach; if you’re not a marathoner, a personal trainer or Kelly Ripa, chances are you’ve [...]