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The MiniSkirt Workout

Shorts have never been shorter. Minis are mini-er. With all the showing, this one-month workout from celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy will shape you up from hip to toe. Hips and thighs can be stubborn area to tone, but these moves really target them. Plus, they get your heart rate up, so you burn more calories than you do with traditional strength exercises. Follow this circuit in order once; then do the whole set a second time. Try this workout three [...]

Good News! You can Flatten Your Belly Fast

A little pooch is normal. Still, no woman likes to feel bloated – and you don’t have to! Make these easy tweaks and reveal your body’s sexiest tummy (in days not weeks). A flatter belly: It’s the body change readers tell us they want most. To that we must first say that every woman is not meant to sport a six-pack or have an ultra-flat stomach; if you’re not a marathoner, a personal trainer or Kelly Ripa, chances are you’ve [...]

Get A Toned Body With These Four Routines

Your body, only… Firmer! What’s your shape-up wish? Celeb trainer Teddy Bass is here to grant it. Target your trouble spots with one of his exclusive workouts on these pages. What to Do: Choose the routine for your goal and do it, plus 30 minutes of cardio (swimming, joggin, whatever), three times a week. 1/ Flat Belly 1. Side Plank. Lie on your left side with feet and hips stacked and prop yourself up on left forearm, right arm straight [...]

Sexy Shoulders, Hips, Thighs, Butt and Belly Plan

This workout routine, created exclusively for Glamour © magazine by celebrity trainer Ramona Barganza, combines strength moves with intervals of fat-blasting cardio to give you the sexy definition you want. Do it twice a week, and for the best results, do an additional 30 minutes of any cardio you like, such as jogging, jumping rope, biking or fast walking, two times a week. You’ll start seeing a slimmer, firmer beach body in less than a month. WHAT YOU NEED: A [...]

Look Better From Behind

Courtesy of Glamour Magazine Five moves to guarantee a sexy exit every time you leave a room. Trainers say women are often so focused on what’s in front of them in the mirror that they forget to tone their backside. Zuta Gilchriest, the guru behind the Rear Attitude class at Crunch gyms, created a plan for those forgotten parts. Do it three times a week in addition to your cardio and front body routine, and you’ll see results in about [...]