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Beauty Gift Guide For Her – Under $35

Find the perfect present for mom, sister, daughter, cousin, friends, anyone and save some cash. Don’t splurge, buy smart and make your favorite girls happy! Ready, set, shop! For the lip glaze lover, surprise her with this fabulous Stila Lip Glaze Set, for the great value of $25 [], it is packed with the best selling shades, as well as the limited holiday edition shades. Top selling shades: Kitten, Guava, Grapefruit, and Apricot New limited edition shades: Seashell, Blush, Majesty, [...]

Beauty Questions, Answered – September 2010

Q: My natural summer highlights are so pretty. How can I keep them longer? Mother Nature is the world’s best hair colorist, right? To stay bright all fall, her stand-in here on earth, New York City – based hair guru Sharon Dorram, suggests touching up the top and front sections of your hair, where the sun hits. “Go a bit brighter there, lacing highlights along your hairline and part,” she says. But don’t overdo it: Hang on to some of [...]

How To Do False Lashes

They are everywhere now (and on every celeb), but let’s be honest – they are intimidating! Here’s the 1-2-3 plan to follow: No 1 – Adjust Your View The biggest mistake women make with false lashes: looking straight into the mirror. Put a makeup mirror on the table instead so that you are gazing down. You will be able to see what you are doing and the strip will land right on the lash line. Hold the strip of lashes [...]

How To Do Bold Red Lips

Pulling off this classic Hollywood touch is now easy enough for any of us – if you follow these tips. No 1 – Test Shades With a Friend Bring a buddy along when you go lipstick shopping, then play! Experimenting with different colors is the best way to find a shade you love. Try orangery reds if you have fair skin; go with deep brick shades if your skin is dark. Medium and golden skin tones look great in true [...]

Beauty Questions, Answered – October 2010

Q: I just got a haircut last week, but I still have split ends – what gives? I have to ask: Did you let her cut away all of the damage? Clients who dictate every snip (like me!) often end up with a too-skimpy trim. Next time, trust her, even if it means losing an extra inch – it will grow back! And P.S.: If you did cut several inches and still have the splits, ask for a do-over; the [...]