Eyes Articles

Bigger, Better Lashes

Ask any makeup artist, model, or oft-photographed celebrity what she won’t leave the house without and the answer is almost always mascara. Somehow, the simple act of defining the tiny hairs around your eyes is look-a-hundred-times-better-in-an-instant transformative. And what’s available now is just… much more impressive than what was on offer last year. Here, the best of the new: Almay Intense I-Color Mascara – $7 – drugstores This comes in four super-pigmented shades for serious definition. Avon Supercurlacious Mascara – [...]

Purple Shadow + Raspberry Stain

This dreamy, ultra-romantic combination was all over spring runaways, from Zac Posen to Michael Kors to Chanel. Lilacs and mauves make for the mellowest sort of smoky eye, as both are considerably more forgiving than straight-up black. To get the look, work eggplant gel liner into the lash line, smudge a muted lavender-gray shadow on with abandon, then highlight the middle on the lid and the inner corners with a slightly paler shade. Lip markers create a gorgeous barely-there wash [...]

How to apply fake eyelashes?

1. Curl your lashes. 2. Apply on oblong bead of adhesive glue onto the length of the lash strip. Strips come in various different sizes, from a full set of lashes to singles. If you are working with a full strip, cut it in half. It’s much less difficult to work with half a strip, while singles lashes are the easiest to maneuver. Use a gel-based flue as opposed to latex, which can create a film on the lid. 3. [...]

Eyeliner; master the technique of a perfect line

Aim to apply your eyeliner at the root of the eyelash. The goal is to get the line so close to the lash line that it looks more like a backing to your lash. When you see even a little bit of skin between the line and your lash line, it’s obvious. For an almost invisible line, sharpen your pencil until the point is super thin and resting the point on the base of the lash so you are actually [...]

Try… Smoky Eyes

When you see a woman with a smoky eye who normally doesn’t wear much eye makeup there is always a wow factor. Nothing is sultrier or sets the eyes off better than a smudgy, smoldering, smoky eye. This is the one makeup trick every woman should master for maximum sex appeal. Get the look 1. Apply an eye shadow primer onto lids and below the lower lash line to prevent color from creasing or running. Sweep a shade a little [...]