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10 Makeup Tricks for Your 10 Fingers

How to use those handy cosmetic tools you were born with. Use Your Pointer Finger to… Slick on lip gloss – from a pot or a stick – for a nice and precise application. Smudge thick eyeliner for a sexy smoky-eyed effect. Use Your Middle Finger to… Get a smooth wash of eye shadow (cream or powder) on your lids. Spread (and blend!) foundation around your jaw line and neck. Use Your Ring Finger to… Dot concealer on a pimple. [...]

How to conceal anything

The secret formulas from makeup artist and beauty staff. Tip: “The first time I use this I got one of those great ‘You look super well-rested’ compliments – that alone was enough to make me loyal.” Olivia Villanti Associate Online Fashion Editor Product: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat – $40 Tip: “Bye Bye Under Eye on the sides of my nose and on my chin completely takes away the red. And for breakouts, Fresh Umbrian Clay is amazing.” Andrea Linett [...]

Bigger, Better Lashes

Ask any makeup artist, model, or oft-photographed celebrity what she won’t leave the house without and the answer is almost always mascara. Somehow, the simple act of defining the tiny hairs around your eyes is look-a-hundred-times-better-in-an-instant transformative. And what’s available now is just… much more impressive than what was on offer last year. Here, the best of the new: Almay Intense I-Color Mascara – $7 – drugstores This comes in four super-pigmented shades for serious definition. Avon Supercurlacious Mascara – [...]

How to Look Good in Natural Light?

While a major smoky eye or fire-engine red lips go a long way toward creating nighttime drama, they’re not the best option for the rest of the time. Here, top MAC makeup artist Gina Bettelli gives us her pretty-in-the-harsh-sunshine tips: 1. Apply in actual daylight if possible. “Find the nearest window facing the sun and prop up a standing mirror. Or buy a desktop lamp with a ‘daylight’ bulb. It’s my favorite makeup accessory.” Daylight Twist Portable Lamp – $75 [...]

Purple Shadow + Raspberry Stain

This dreamy, ultra-romantic combination was all over spring runaways, from Zac Posen to Michael Kors to Chanel. Lilacs and mauves make for the mellowest sort of smoky eye, as both are considerably more forgiving than straight-up black. To get the look, work eggplant gel liner into the lash line, smudge a muted lavender-gray shadow on with abandon, then highlight the middle on the lid and the inner corners with a slightly paler shade. Lip markers create a gorgeous barely-there wash [...]