Try the Bedhead Updo

It is possible this is the easiest hairstyle ever; all you have to do is wakeup and follow these tips:

First: Come as you are
Got natural waves or curls? Keep them! Use your fingers to work out tangles, lightly tease your crown with a comb and then let your texture take over.
Got straight hair? Spritz on a wave enhancing spray and scrunch before teasing.

Second: Twist up the back
Gather hair at your nape, and then loosely twist and pin it all into a bun. (Or do a topknot). If you have a bob, tuck and roll your hair up in back, pining as you go. Gently tug out front sections.

Last: Let go!
Finish with hairspray but don’t OD. You want pieces to fall around your face as the night goes on.

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One Response to “Try the Bedhead Updo”

  1. Ernest l Smith says:

    This looks like a great hair style for Brides. I,m a wedding Photographer and every now and then the bride hair gets messed up. Is this something that can be done quickly?

    sincerely: Ernest Smith From Hampton Roads Va

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