Important Breakfast, Easy Breakfast

Lipstick Panda offers great advice on what to do to stay healthy. One really important thing that is always mentioned is to eat breakfast. Many people say that this is the most important meal of the day for many reasons; the clearest being that it simply sets you up for the day, and gives you energy.

Perhaps you do not have much time in the mornings which is why breakfast has become a rarity. But you should have a few minutes in the evenings between watching the news and to go pick up a yogurt, oatmeal or some cereal and milk. There are other options that are great for breakfast; it just depends on how much time you actually have in the mornings.

If you manage to get ready early and have about 15 minutes to spare, then pancakes are actually very easy to make and do not take too long either. All you need to make a basic pancake mix is an egg, milk and flour. Crack the egg into a mixing bowl and pour in some milk, enough to cover the egg yolk. Then beat well with a fork before adding in some flour. Add flour until the mix thickens, but is still of a pourable consistency.

Next, heat up a pan on the stove, it is important that the pan has a flat base, and it should be non-stick. Put a small knob of butter in the pan and when it sizzles, pour in some of the mix. It should spread out itself, and all you have to do now is turn it over once one side is cooked, to cook it on the other side. Each pancake takes about two minutes to cook, and then you can eat it with your choice of topping. Popular accompaniments are maple syrup, lemon juice with sugar, fresh fruit or confection sugar.

Perfect to start your day full of energy!

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