10 Makeup Tricks for Your 10 Fingers

How to use those handy cosmetic tools you were born with.

Use Your Pointer Finger to…
Slick on lip gloss – from a pot or a stick – for a nice and precise application.
Smudge thick eyeliner for a sexy smoky-eyed effect.

Use Your Middle Finger to…
Get a smooth wash of eye shadow (cream or powder) on your lids.
Spread (and blend!) foundation around your jaw line and neck.

Use Your Ring Finger to…
Dot concealer on a pimple. (Your ring finger has the lightest touch.)
Gently hide dark under-eye circles with liquid concealer.

Use Your Pinky Finger to…
Dab highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes.
Put a little pearly shadow under the arch of your brow – it’s an instant lift!

And Use Your Thumb to…
Remove excess lipstick. (Close your mouth around it and pull it through.)
Give yourself a thumbs-up in the mirror. You look gorge!

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