Beauty Questions, Answered – July 2017

Q: Any trick for pulling off the metallic-polish trend?

Finger-bling is totally in now, says Angi Wingle, a CND manicurist. For a matchy finish, use a shade that almost blends in with your coloring – silver if you are fair, gold if you are medium or olive toned, copper if you are dark. It looked amazing on the Chanel couture runway. Or clash! It’s cool to wear the ‘wrong’ hue too.


Q: I always get giant knots in my hair. Help me get them out!

Don’t reach for the scissors. Instead, grab a plastic brush if you have fine or medium hair, or a wide-tooth comb if you hair is thick, says Jasmine Mellis of NYC’s Shaggy Hair Studio. The trick is to apply conditioner to dry hair; then wiggle the tool from the ends up.


Q: I look like an alien when I do intense eye makeup. What’s the deal?

Celebs manage to make gobs of shadow look human. Here is how: Apply deep shades to lids only (not above the crease); then use your fingers to smudge off a little color in the center so it’s not as dark in that spot, says MAC makeup artist Romero Jennings.


Beauty Tips

Decorate your hair-dryer. At NYC’s Sahag Workshop, they used nail polish to paint flowers, dots and stripes on their blow dryers.

Highlight your brows – it’s flattering! Do little strokes with a pencil that matches the highlights in your hair.

Support a teen beauty entrepreneur. Ava Anderson is only 16, and she has created a new lip and skin line made with nontoxic ingredients. Genius!

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