Beauty Questions, Answered – September 2016

Q: My natural summer highlights are so pretty. How can I keep them longer?

Mother Nature is the world’s best hair colorist, right? To stay bright all fall, her stand-in here on earth, New York City – based hair guru Sharon Dorram, suggests touching up the top and front sections of your hair, where the sun hits. “Go a bit brighter there, lacing highlights along your hairline and part,” she says. But don’t overdo it: Hang on to some of your lowlights (those darker strands), too – they make highlights pop.

Q: I’ve heard gel manicures can last up to a month. Are they safe?

They sound amazing, but gels (available at salons) do have downsides. It takes about 30 minutes of soaking in acetone and lots of filing on the nail’s surface to remove them, which leave nails weak. And while nail experts say the UVA light used to bond gels to nail is safe, some derms worry it could increase the risk of skin cancer. The bottom line: Do gels occasionally; but only after a hand massage with SPF lotion.

Q: I’ve seen some pictures of models with bare lashes. Is this a trend?

This season a lot of makeup artists ignored lashes. But you shouldn’t! Mascara makes eyes look wider and brighter. To get the high-fashion effect: Switch from black mascara to brown. Then slick on a wow-factor lipstick.

Q: I am getting my hair cut by the salon owner. Am I supposed to tip her?

Technically, no, you don’t have to. But lately that people are breaking that old rule. Many women say they keep tipping once their stylist becomes an owner, just because they always have. NYC Salon owner Adrian DeBerardinis says that about half of his clients tip. “I will accept it, but I don’t expect it” he says. So it’s really your call. If you are not sure, do what I do: Ask someone at the front desk.

Q: Do I really, really need makeup primer? It seems like a waste of time.

It may feel like a useless extra step (and an added expense), but primer is worth it for three reasons: First, the all-over face kind fills in pores and lines, creating a smooth base for whatever you put on next. Second, it sops up natural oils, giving skin a fresh, matte start. And third, it helps makeup cling to your face like double-stick tape and last longer. What you don’t need in your bag: specific primers for lips and eyes. Just use the regular stuff in those spots. Try: Laura Geller Champagne Spackle Tint & Glow [$30,].

Beauty Tips

Keep Your Brows I Line.
Spritz a clean spoolie (that’s a mascara brush – you can buy a pack at a beauty supply store) with hairspray, then run it through your brows.

Fix Self-Tanner Mistakes With Baking Soda.
Genius Tip: Mix baking soda and olive oil to form a paste, rub it over streaky spots and rinse. It gently exfoliates away any goofs.

Use a Curling Iron Without the Clamp.
Just hold the end of your hair, wind it around the barrel and then let go. Perfect curls, and no iron marks!

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