Eyebrows – Get the look!

Discover your golden arches with these brow-shaping steps:

1. First you’ll need a brow stencil. Brow stencils are amazing tools for getting brows to look as if they were shaped by a pro. (Kits from many brands – such as Sephora, Anastasia, Too Faced, and Tarte – include stencils.) To find the stencil that’s right for you; take a pencil and hold it directly up from the center of one of your nostrils. The point where it hits the eyebrow is where the stencil should start. Then hold the pencil diagonally starting at the outside corner of your nose; the point where it hits your brow is where the stencil should end. Repeat with the other nostril.

2. Fill in the stencil with a white or pink shadow so it stands out against your natural brow color. Remove the stencil and pluck the area where you don’t see eye shadow. All brows should have somewhat of an arch. When the bone area about two-thirds into and underneath the brow is exposed, it lifts and brightens the entire eye area by allowing light to come in. This effect can shave five years off the appearance.

3. Fill in brow hairs with a pencil or powder. Choose a color a shade lighter for darker for lighter brows, but be careful not to go too dark, as the oils in your skin collect in your brows and darken the color, making them look artificial.

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