Try… Smoky Eyes

When you see a woman with a smoky eye who normally doesn’t wear much eye makeup there is always a wow factor. Nothing is sultrier or sets the eyes off better than a smudgy, smoldering, smoky eye. This is the one makeup trick every woman should master for maximum sex appeal.

Get the look

1. Apply an eye shadow primer onto lids and below the lower lash line to prevent color from creasing or running. Sweep a shade a little lighter than fresh tone onto entire lid, from to lash line.

2. Choose the color you want to smoke out with. Take any color you want and blend it with some black eye shadow for an instantly smoky shade. Apply your chosen color from the lash line up to the crease and smudge in a little black eye shadow over it with your finger. Use a larger eye shadow brush to blend both colors together.

3. Line the outer third of the upper lash line with a black pencil, then go over that line with a smudge brush dipped in the eye shadow you just used to smoke out the eye.

4. Line the lower lash line. Rather than using horizontal strokes to apply the liner on the lower lash line, try using a very small brush with tiny vertical strokes. Dip the brush in the color, then hold the brush vertical against your lash line and with vertical strokes, move along your lash line. It will give you a baby-soft smoky blend and it keeps the intensity of the color very close to the root of the lash, so you get the smoky effect without looking too overdone. For a variation on the classic, use a brown pencil first followed by an application of plum eye shadow over the pencil.

5. What grounds a smoky eye is lashes. Otherwise it can look like a black eye. Curl lashes, apply anywhere from two to six coats of mascara, combine out the lashed in between each coat.

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