Here comes the sun!… Bronzer Application

Bronzer application is everything when it comes to going faux. For the most realistic results, use a large fluffy brush and follow these steps:

1. Give your face a light dusting with a loose translucent powder before applying bronzer to matte any oils from the skin. If you apply color over skin that has moisture on it, the color will grab on to those oil slicks and it won’t blend properly.

2. Apply bronzer in the ‘W’ area on the face (the cheeks and the bridge of the nose), which the sun naturally hits. Give cheeks a light dusting first, then, in a circular motion, move the brush across the bridge of the nose in without re-dipping the brush into the bronzer. Using what is left on your brush, go into the hairline – it gives great sculpt to the face and make you look like you lost ten pounds.

3. Don’t forget to sweep the bronzer onto your ears. Bronzer is an illusion, and if your ears don’t match the tan color of your complexions, the illusion is broken.

4. Every natural tan has a bit of burn underneath. To get a believable-looking tan with pink undertones and to counteract any muddiness, apply a bright-pink blush onto the apples of the cheeks.

5. Don’t neglect your neck – a glowing face and a pasty white neck is a beauty train wreck. Use the residue on the brush left over from applying bronzer and dust it down your décolletage. To prevent creasing on the neck, keep your chin up when applying the bronzer.

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