How To Do False Lashes

They are everywhere now (and on every celeb), but let’s be honest – they are intimidating! Here’s the 1-2-3 plan to follow:

No 1 – Adjust Your View

The biggest mistake women make with false lashes: looking straight into the mirror. Put a makeup mirror on the table instead so that you are gazing down. You will be able to see what you are doing and the strip will land right on the lash line. Hold the strip of lashes up to your eyes before you apply the glue – if they ate too wide trim them down. For easier application, you can cut the strip into three pieces and place them with tweezers. Even if your lashes come with adhesive, it’s worth using a strong-hold, waterproof glue. Try Ardell Duo Eyelash Adhesive [$6,].
Apply a small amount of glue directly to the base of the fake lashes. “Let it dry for 20 seconds, stick the strip on, then wiggle it into place. Want a more natural look? Do some fluttery clusters of individual lashes on the outer corners of your eyes only.

No 2 – Add Finishing Touches

Trace on black liner to fill in any gaps, then gently clamp lashes with a curler to blend real lashes with the faux. Up the intensity with one coat of mascara.

No 3 – Take Them Off

At the end of the night, don’t treat your fake lashes like a Band-Aid peeling them off can hurt! To dissolve the glue press a makeup remover-soaked cotton ball against your eyelids, gently slide down and slip falsies off.


Keep Fingers Glue Free Tweezerman for Benefit Slant Tweezer [$25,]

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Show Off Even Rimmel London The Max Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara [$7.50, at drugstores]

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