How To Get Your Makeup Just Right

Use this guide from makeup pro Maud Laceppe to strike the perfect balance and look like the best version of yourself. The secret? Do bold lips or strong eyes (pick one) and always use a little blush.

On your LIPS

1. Line your lips
Whether you are going bold or nude, use matching pencil and blend to soften.

2. Layer on color
Apply lipstick straight from the tube, blot with a tissue and repeat.

3. Give lips dimension
Dab on clear gloss for a hint of shine. It makes your lips look fuller.

On your EYES

1. Start with liner
If your lips are bright, choose brown. Otherwise, do black – but smudge!

2. Sweep on shadow
Do a light shade, darker in the creases. (Skip this step if you’ve got bold lips!)

3. And, of course, mascara
For a strong eye, or a soft one, don’t forget this finishing touch. Two coats.

On your CHEEKS

1. Just barely coat your brush
Swirl the brush over powder blush, then tap it on the counter to shake off excess.

2. Do a natural flush
Smile. Apply color to the center of your cheeks and up toward your temples.

3. Add another light layer
Stop smiling and do one more sweep (that’s it!) just along your cheekbones.

You know you’re wearing too much if…

1 – …the color of your neck doesn’t match your face. Foundation that’s too light or dark (or just too thick) looks like a mask.

2 – …your fingers are clean. Don’t underestimate the power of blending. It’s the only way to create a natural finish.

3 – …you walk over to a window with a hand mirror and give yourself a heart attack. Every beauty editor knows: Natural light never lie.

4 – …none of your features pops. A bold lip, dark eye and major blush are overkill. Tone down two and you are good to go.

5 – …there’s lipstick on your teeth. It means you’ve applied it too thickly. If you are going bold layer on thin coats of color.

6 – …you used every shade in the eye shadow compact. You might buy four together, but please don’t wear them all at once.

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