Trend we love! Shimmery Eye + Shiny Hair

Frosty pale shadow or liner is a fresh ethereal way to telegraph “instantly festive” without having to resort to serious makeup application. In place of harder-to-wear pure whites or anything with the word “glitter” in its name, these subtle, apple blossom pinks are much more skin-flattering. Smudge all the way around your eyes; since the color is so soft, there’s no overdoing it.

Sleek, stick-straight hair looks amazing with it: Spritz heat protecting spray onto damp hair, blow dry until it’s almost dry (don’t worry about getting it super-straight at this step). Next, run the iron through. If you want more texture after you’ve sleekified, spray more product through – it’ll get piecier, but you won’t lose the glossy effect.

Products we like:

  • Black Radiance Velvet & Glow Iluminator in Modern Glamour, $4, drugstores
  • Organic Glam Mineral Eye Shadow Simmer in Pink Gold, $36,
  • Redken Extreme Iron Repair, $16, for Salons
  • T3 Pro Wet-Or-Dry Iron, $119,
  • Almay Bright Eye Liner/Highlighter Duo In Dark Chocolate & Shell, $8, drugstore
  • NP Set Show Loose Dust Duo in Sweden, $26,
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  1. best says:

    I love Jane and her shiny hair.
    Thank you for useful tip. :)

  2. alice says:

    So useful for us!!

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