Sun Smarts

Photo-aging, the technical term used to describe sun damage, can take years to show up on our skin. But every time you expose yourself to the sun sans protection, the skin loses the ability to repair itself, collagen and elastin become damaged, and that damage accumulates. Skin becomes saggy, wrinkled, and leathery, and fails to spring back. And forget about throwing pricey skin care at the problem. “I’ve seen so many women try to undo the damage with expensive skin [...]

How to Do a Messy Up-Do (But Not Look Messy!)

Every glam woman needs to know this trick – the chicest ponytail alternative going. Step No. 1 Gather hair into a low ponytails, slightly off to one side. (Skip the elastic band.) Step No. 2 Twist and twirl your hair around a couple of fingers to create a bun; secure with a few bobby pins. Slide the pins in flush against your head, and don’t pry them open first – they’ll stay tighter that way. Step No. 3 Use your [...]

New Summer Tips

3 Skin Savers We Love These formulas tackle annoying skin issues without causing the greasies. 1. A face-firmer.To battle pesky lines and firm up your skin, try a product that boosts collagen production. Neutrogena’s treatment duo uses bioelectricity to do the trick. [Neutrogena Clinical Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment Night, $40, at drugstores] 2. A radiance booster. Want a glowifying SPF moisturizer that won’t leave you oily? Clarin’s new do-it all lotion is the answer. It contains brightening sea lily to [...]

10 Makeup Tricks for Your 10 Fingers

How to use those handy cosmetic tools you were born with. Use Your Pointer Finger to… Slick on lip gloss – from a pot or a stick – for a nice and precise application. Smudge thick eyeliner for a sexy smoky-eyed effect. Use Your Middle Finger to… Get a smooth wash of eye shadow (cream or powder) on your lids. Spread (and blend!) foundation around your jaw line and neck. Use Your Ring Finger to… Dot concealer on a pimple. [...]

Clear Skin Forever

12 Rules for achieving a perfect complexion – no matter how bad you think it is. 1. The importance of exfoliation cannot be overstated, even if you’ve got sensitive skin. You’ll have to experiment to figure out how often you need to do it – every daily, twice a week, etc. – and what strength works best for you, but it’s always better to start with a milder or less abrasive product. Never scrub so hard that you cause irritation [...]