Beauty School: Self-Tanning

How to get a faux all-over glow, without making any faux pas:

1. Start in the shower. Shave your legs and use a loofah to slough off dead skin. Avoid using an exfoliator loaded with essential oil, as it may react with the self-tanner and cause splotchy, streaky areas.

2. Pat yourself dry post-shower. Put on a pair of disposable latex gloves and apply the tanner. Start by using a quarter-sized amount for each leg. Rub, rub, rub until you can’t see even a trace of self-tanner. Now do the same for arms and chest. Pay extra special attention to knees and elbows, where dry skin can catch the self-tanner.

3. Wash your hands. Apply a nickel-sized amount to backs of the hands and rub only the backs together.

4. Wait ten minutes before getting dressed. Stand in front of a fan to speed up the drying process.

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  1. Terrie Gompf says:

    Great information thanks for getting this out there for people like me to read.

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