Try… A salon Style Blowout

It’s amazing what a good hair day can do for the psyche. When we look in the mirror and see a cascade of shiny, bouncy hair, suddenly asking for that promotion or striking up a conversation with the cutie in the elevator doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Unfortunately, good hair days, like the weather, are hard to predict. But contrary to what it may seem, a gorgeously styled head of hair isn’t derived from a random bout of good luck – it comes from knowing exactly what to do with your wet do.

Get the look

Follow this formula for salon-perfect hair.

1. Remove excess water from your hair by blotting it with a towel and lightly squeezing, until about 50 percent dry. Apply a quarter-sized amount of straightening product for long hair and a dime-sized amount for short to medium lengths. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute. If you put product into soaking-wet hair, the water will dilute it and block it from penetrating into the hair.

2. Choose a volumizing product for the roots. Straight doesn’t have to mean flat. No matter what your hair type, everyone looks better with a little body at the roots. Spray the volumizer on the crown of the head, covering the area a cap would cover. Using a natural-bristle round brush, lift the face-framing layers of hair up and away from the face, and blow-dry each stand in the opposite direction from which it grows.

3. Section the rest of the hair into about four different sections, depending on length and thickness, and secure with clips. If you have a lot of hair; there should be three sections on each side of the head: one on top (from the crown to the tops of ears), one in the middle (from ears to jaw line) and one for the bottom (jaw line to the nape of the neck area).

4. Begin blow-drying the lower sections first. Use a medium – to large – barrel round brush for long hair or small to medium for shorter lengths. Lift the section of hair with the brush and slide it down to the ends, following the strand with the dryer the entire length of the hair. The nozzle attachment that’s used to concentrate the air should be pointed down to seal the cuticle, eliminating any frizz. The hair should never be fully rolled into the brush. The brush is only to create tension for the hair. To create that tension, keep the bottom end only of each section rolled into the brush so strands are super-taut. After each strand is dry do exactly the same movement, but with cold air instead of warm, to close the shaft. For an extra-bouncy, voluminous look, wrap each section in a large Velcro roller after drying, letting it cool in that position for about ten minutes.

5. Finish by rubbing a dollop of silicone serum into your palms and running them down the length of your hair to flame flyaways and add shine.

6. A good blowout should last two to three days. To refresh hair in the mornings without rewashing, mist a brush with water or with a restyling spray, such as Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist, and restyle the hairline.

Beauty Tip:

Start fighting frizz in the shower! Don’t only rely on a styling aid – choose a shampoo and conditioner regimen designed to eliminate frizz.
- Oscar Blandi

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